About Us

When you rent an apartment from Swing Rentals, you are assured that you are getting the best in Galesburg. Call 3093428157 today!

About Us

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Here at Swing Rentals, we offer apartments for rent, vehicle storage and mobile homes for rent. We have many years of experience in this industry.

We manage many rental properties including mobile homes for rent, apartments for rent and vehicle storage in Galesburg, IL. This allows us to keep our clients updated in all the market areas. Whatever type of apartment rental property you need, we surely can find one for you!

We provide free rental consultation with no obligation at all on your part. Just call us to make an appointment. Whether you need a rental property or you need someone to manage your investment properties, please contact us and we will guarantee a superior level of customer service.

We aim to provide efficient storage facilities and rental properties at a high level of quality and a fair cost for our clients.

The choice is simple—you can now go to the beach, relax and have fun while we take care of the rest. Imagine more time with your family while we look for a vehicle storage, mobile homes for rent, apartments for rent and whatever it is you need.

Speak with one of our staff today, and allow us to help you with your rental property needs!